Read some of our stories from working with the homeless community

BASH runs 24/7, to do the important work and ensure the most vulnerable have someone looking out for them. Read some of our stories from working with the homeless community.

Belle and Billy had been a couple for 6 years, the difference however for them was that their relationship was mainly lived out on the streets, being on the streets meant more money for heroin and no one to take it away. 

And this is the part of their story when BASH met them 18 months ago. Belle also had a dog; BASH were shown the bridge they were sleeping under, not much in the way of shelter and with only 3 sleeping bags for comfort. There was a ledge under the bridge and on it was 2 birthday cards and a small ornament, it wasn’t anyone’s birthday it was just Belle trying to make it more like home.

They did however get some good news! They had been offered a house that would take their dog too! BASH put a plea on Facebook and soon and they had a bed and a few bits to help get them started.

But it wasn’t to last, you see, Billy was introduced to Heroin at 14 years of age and was injecting it by the time he was 15 (he is now 42), Belle was born into the drug environment. At 6 years old she managed to get hold of some methadone that had been left in a child’s reach, this she shared with her brother, he never woke up.

Belle was blamed all her life by her mother for the death of her little brother. So you see although they desperately wanted to have a different life there was just no chance they could run a home and kick their habit. They were soon back on the streets. But BASH didn’t stop supporting them, life had never shown them any kindness, but BASH did. We shared their laughter, their tears, made sure they kept warm and fed; we knew there was only one route left open to these guys now. 

On 24/7/16 around the anniversary of her brother’s death Belle was found hanging in an alley way in Huddersfield.

Take me home

I need to forget, what he did And why he would do the things that he did What happened to the love that he offered my mum What happened to him being my dad's replacement, my best chum. More and more nights away from home new friends, new life, welcome to your new home At last I find those that understand the pain Perhaps my new family, I lost, I might gain again. Why when i needed it, people were kind How when I need it with no money, they are so unkind I miss my mum, the life that we had It seems so long ago, I had my real dad. Remembering my childhood, the good times we had remembering the safety and laughs that we had Christmas and birthdays, the cuddles and all I suddenly remember that i had it all. I want to go home, I miss what I had My mum was enough, I can cope with no dad But mum has moved on, she loves my new dad, more than she loves me Where now?? And what does life now have to offer me. So we are back too. I need to forget, what he did And why he would do the things that he did

This poem was written after the death of a young girl on the streets, whose life just could not be turned around.

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