This is how we began, and still is, at the very heart of what we do.

People who sit out on our streets or find a small corner to call home are there for all sorts of reasons, we do not judge.

We have specialised teams that give up 2 evenings a week to go around Brighouse, Huddersfield Halifax and Leeds (once a month) to hand out food, clothes, advice and a listening ear.

We are also on call 24/7 day and night for anyone who needs our help.

Some of the scenes we see are very heart breaking but this just makes us more determined to keep helping.

Meet some of the outreach team,

outreach1.jpg#asset:41  outreach-2.jpg#asset:40

Here is just one of the sights we have to see and help with...


We really do check out all the leads we are asked to...


Our team at work...

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