Suspended Coffee

Suspended Coffee

You could make someone's day with a suspended coffee

A suspended coffee is pre-paid coffee (or other beverage / food item such as a sandwich or meal) that you can purchase at participating outlets. Service of that coffee is suspended until it is claimed by someone who needs it.

The suspended coffee scheme is provided so those that are struggling to make ends meet and those over 70 are able to access a hot drink and a meal without having to pay. The system works really well by taking one of our vouchers provided at the Bash Local office and presenting it to the chosen outlet.

The scheme works by a customer going in to one of our 4 outlets that support the suspended coffee scheme buying their usual drink, sandwich or meal and paying one on for the vulnerable.

Simply ask the person serving you to add a suspended coffee to your order.

Just ask at any participating outlet for a suspended coffee. You will be served with no questions asked. Or if using Filena’s please just ask Bash Local for a voucher.

Anyone! It's about paying it forward. Whether you're short on cash or having a bad day we don't mind!

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