About us

About us

Founded in 2014

Founded in 2014 B.A.S.H is a small but steadily growing community group that supports the homeless and vulnerable of Brighouse and the surrounding area.

We provide an outreach service that connects those in need with the charities and services they may not have otherwise known about whilst offering food, clothing and friendly faces.

Our staff and  volunteers are non-judgemental, caring and 100% supportive of the work we do. We rely on word of mouth and information provided to us from the general public.

If you would like to learn more about us and see what we do you are welcome to join our facebook group and facebook page.

A Message from our Founder

People from all areas of Business and Social companies who live or work in the Brighouse area feel that we are lucky, that really we do not have people living on the streets and living in sheer poverty. Well let me open your eyes. The whole reason Bash started was because it was brought to my attention that a guy had been sleeping rough in our town centre for 3 weeks! I shopped in town, I had never seen him nor had anyone mentioned him. It was only when you ask do you really find out exactly what is under our noses, let’s face it, we are all so busy with our lives that do we really want to know, that right here in our affluent Brighouse,
  • People are hungry
  • People are brought here from trafficking
  • People are losing their homes
  • People are battered daily
This list is actually endless if we were to think about. There are some very good charities out there in the Calderdale area that can help anyone from the list above, but would you know who these organisations were if you were presented with someone who fitted the description from the list above? BASH DOES! In our first year we have helped over 40 homeless and vulnerable people from our area alone, in other areas this is much higher.

Will we stop doing this in all these other areas? NO! Why?

Life should never be about just looking after your own, it should be about helping anyone who comes to you. Brighouse can be proud that not only does it now look after its own very well, it has the compassion to show other towns what a great compassionate town it really is and will continue to be.

So… What’s next for this great Brighouse charity?

First, make sure that we have the best foundations and structures in place so that when life gets harder and more people are in need, we are ready! (This is a certainty with all new changes) To widen our range of those we help to include elderly residents. To work alongside the Jobcentre offering not only volunteer opportunities but to teach people new perspectives and help rebuild their self-esteem and motivation, hoping this will help them back into a society of employment and a decent and promising life. The rest? Well let’s just see, but one thing I do promise is that BASH LOCAL will not only show Brighouse and Calderdale how to do things but will then branch out with its winning formula to other areas, making Brighouse one hell of a proud town. Alison x

  • We have donated food parcels to the Salvation Army.
  • We have stopped 3 schools throwing away endless supplies of food, this is soon to be 4.
  • Had Bash Volunteers helping out @ the Halifax night shelter 2 years running.
  • We now have 2 local businesses raising more revenue for themselves by running our suspended coffee scheme & a local veterinary centre doing the same by letting their customers pay forward money for any homeless animals in need.
  • We are constantly interacting with everyone in our area via social media or local newspapers, we make everyone, and not just our volunteer’s feel like they are actually taking part. We tell all stories, good and bad and are well respected because of this.
  • Brighouse can now say that not only does it have its own food bank but a foodbank that also offers a drop in service that will help people become less reliant on these parcels.
  • Brighouse is so generous that it enables us to not only help anyone in our own area but areas connected to ours, areas where some Brighouse residents work and have to witness the homeless and vulnerable.
  • In Halifax we offer the only outreach service that Calderdale have, support all other homeless and vulnerable service that are out there and help raise awareness  for all of those doing the same type of work.
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